{Her}Story: The Next Chapter

Paul Huyghebaert
October 2020

Join us as we explore the next chapter of life lessons found in the stories of the Bible's faithful women.

The Return

Paul Huyghebaert
September 2020

We don’t know if 2020 is a series of unfortunate events, or a warning from a righteous God. But what if we assumed for a minute that God was sending us a message? We shouldn’t forget that God is a righteous judge who hates sin, while loving His creation enough to warn us when we have gone too far. God is a God of grace, but He is also a God of truth. As we look at the world around us, and even into our own hearts, there can be no denying, we need a return to God.  Come journey with us as we seek a time of returning, in His name.

The Story

Various Speakers
August 2020

Scripture provides us with some amazing stories about Jesus and each one reveals to us more about who Jesus is. In "The Story" the GC Staff share their favorite stories about Jesus and how they can relate to our lives as 21 century Christians.

Jesus Teaches Me

Paul Huyghebaert
July 2020

In the month of July we like to spend some time with the idea of discipleship. A disciple is someone who wants to be just like Jesus in all he does. For the next four weeks we will watch Jesus in action and ask Him to teach us as we seek to become more like Him each day.

Still Church

Paul Huyghebaert
June 2020

As the early church grew, those who were a part of all that happened were often filled with wonder and amazement.  It was an exciting time! The people enjoyed the favor of all those they came in contact with. Until the persecution came. By Acts 8, the Church was enduring a great persecution. I can’t imagine how disillusioned those early church members must have been, as they were forced out of Jerusalem. Could the Church still be the Church?

What He Said

Paul Huyghebaert, Huston Oliver
April-May 2020

In a season of growing uncertainty, we turn to a few of the life-giving words of Jesus for hope and direction.